When collecting comic books you can choose between vast piles of glorious reading material, or elite issues featuring the first appearance of iconic characters. Or both! This massive collection of 1,543 comics ranges from the glories of the golden age to the best of the bronze, including some stellar starting issues along the way.

firstsIron Man’s first appearance in Tales of Suspense 39 side by side with Green Lantern #1 (where we see Hal starting as he means to go on: using an incredible alien psychic omniweapon to lose a fight against something most people could take with a baseball bat). Hundreds of comics from every era and publisher, collecting a swathe of four-color history from the fantastic to the infamous.

junkieIt’s an exciting time when a complete comic book collection moves to a new owner. Runs are completed, first issues are found, and decades of irreplaceable adventures are enjoyed all over again. And the original owner can afford to buy more. Check out this immense auction now! 

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