None can stay the Savage Sword of Conan! Not even the Comics Code Authority! They baffled Batman and stymied Superman, trapping them in an insanely censored world where a total inability to hit things led to madness, but Conan escaped into magazine format, meaning his comics could cut and slash their way through thousands of enemies. And did. Sometimes more than once an issue!

He even outlived his own publishers, cutting his way from the corpse of the Curtis imprint to battle on in the lush fields of Marvel. And now this cult comic collection gathers 151 of these glorious tales in one auction. Not even time can wound him: these comics are fully intact, no detached covers or missing pages, hale, hearty, and likely hearing the lamentations of less carefully-tended collections.

The star of the show has to be issue #1, featuring “The Frost Giant’s Daughter”, the definitive tale of a young Conan encountering a beautiful lady, an evil ambush, and his sheer strength enduring against the most awesome magical powers. Then we have “Iron shadows in the moon!”, “Shadow-God of Zamboula!”, appearances by Red Sonja, and many more reasons to read every single one of these testaments to testosterone.

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