When you sell comics online you don’t want to deal with people picking over individual issues, inquiring about irrelevant minutiae, then trying to escape with their prize and leaving you to deal with the wreckage. Basically, you don’t want to deal with a Riddler. You want a Tony Stark who’ll boost in and buy the lot.

That’s where Neatstuff Collectibles swoop in. The superheroes of selling comics online, we spend millions of dollars every year to save the good and bad alike. You’ll never see Superman staring down at someone trapped by a Khund invasion and calling “Sorry, you’re not special enough to save, I was looking someone rarer!” Likewise we won’t refuse anything. We buy the lot or not at all. Comics by the box, the pallet, by the warehouse if you have one. We do. And we want to fill it by buying your comics.

Because building a comics collection is a labor of love and the work of years, but selling your comic collection is the exact opposite: you want to sell it all at once, now, and you make money instead of spending it.

So save yourself the hassle of buyers hunting for a single issue. Avoid the heartbreak of throwing out any of your old four-color friends. Know that none go to waste when you work with Neatstuff Collectibles. You get money, we get comics, and just like the best Golden Age stories, everybody gets a happy ending.

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