You know that buying comics online is fast and easy. No trekking across town to find that they’ve sold out, or suffered delayed deliveries, or that their longboxes are modeled on the warehouse from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: an endless warehouse doubtless filled with wonderful things but specifically designed to prevent anyone ever finding them.

When you buy comics online you can search endless archives with a simple search box, zipping through thousands of issues across the country like a literary Flash, and you still get to hold the irreplaceable paper of the real thing when you’re finished.

Comic auctions are also a great way to buy comics online for less. Your local comic shop’s treasured #1, signed and sealed in plastic, is as much an advertisement as it is an offer. It can hang high on the racks forever, its inflated price as much a tribute to the store as it is to the comic. But an online comic auction is all about selling the product: they want to move it, making room for their next flagship item, and that means more realistic prices set by people who intend to make a sale instead of a boast.

Buying comics online is the perfect way to make investments you can enjoy. Stock traders can’t bask in the Kirby art of a bond, and even the most glittering diamonds don’t shine like the hope of Superman’s finer world. Neatstuff Collectibles understand that when you spend money to buy comics, you’re trading one kind of picture on paper for a better one.

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