DC’s giant size issues were a real treat for kids when released, but they’re an absolute treasure for collectors right now. The hundred-page super spectaculars were so much more easily thumbed to death by kids consuming Batman’s latest adventures. Which is why we’re delighted to offer 131 Near Mint giant size issues as part of this thousand comic collection auction.

This collection’s lowest rating is around 9.0, with most much higher, ranging all the way up to 9.8 – that’s touching on the edges of the fabled Mint. It’s an orgy of excellent DC adventures, everything armed with the DC circle on the cover, including 41 copies of Detective Comics itself.

The collection has an estimated value of over twenty thousand dollars, an instant purchase price of seventeen, and right now the highest bid on the auction isn’t even a quarter of that. This isn’t just a treasure chest of still-shining bronze age issues, it’s the sort of steal the heroes you’re buying off are meant to prevent. But don’t worry about the unsettling implication that you’re bribing Batman. Instead enjoy his battle against the wolf-man, appreciate covers so clean and classic you could frame them in art galleries, and watch Robin and Crazy Quilt settle who has the most clashing costume once and for all.


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