When they said shocking, the were deadly serious

Most people remember the Comics Code Authority as the reason the Superfriends never punched anyone. The embodiment of the busiest of bodies, the CCA prided itself on making sure that a universe composed of equal parts good and bad guys could never have a satisfying fight. But now you can see why the CCA was formed – and how much fun people were happening before that happened.

This comic book auction brings all the terrors of the Golden Age to you, a comic crypt full of everything an entire generation of authors could conceive of to scare you. And when you get creative people and push them into a monthly deadline, you get some seriously surreal threats.

These 83 unrestored comics are an incredible cross section of what was once the most popular genre of comics. Back then a comic only starred a man in a mask and a cape if Dracula was going to murder people who knew what he looked like. Even the titles are a glorious mad-libbery of adjective and uncanny locations: crypts, vaults, webs and worlds of every adrenaline-inducing emotion you can think of. Though our favorite will always be the Crime Suspenstories. You just don’t get comic book titles like that anymore.

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