Neat Stuff Collectibles will buy and sell and bulk, and this comic collection proves it. This comic book auction offers over sixteen thousand comics and enough bronze to bury even the most determined comic fan in decades of unlikely adventures. Definitely an auction for those interested in resale, featuring multiple issues of many comics. One highlight is 182 issues of Atlas Comics, a time capsule of Marvel history after they shrugged off the title of Timely Comics, but before they became the House of M we know today. Atlas Comics are also interesting because they feature Sgt. Stryker’s DEATH SQUAD, and that’s the kind of thing that’s always interesting.

Other items include almost a thousand Harvey comics, well over a thousand Archie comics, and a truly staggering number of Captain Gallant #1’s. This is also the collection for Heroes Inc #1, with 1,897 copies. If anyone has ever needed to know how to incorporate a hero, this is the comic book auction they need. (And yes, Luke Cage already knows about this auction, because he’s in there too with Luke Cage #40 and #42).

It’s a rich seam of independent comic history. Over fourteen thousand comics range from the kid-friendly fun of Richie Rich and Dennis the Menace to the distinctly adult Two-Fisted Tales and Weird Suspense. This is comics by the pallet with no sign of inflation, because so far they’re still going for less than their original 10c sale price.

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