In the Marvel universe you can’t so much as dig a drainage ditch without unearthing a relic of unimaginable power (and hopefully the ability to control the weather, otherwise you have to keep digging). Ancient treasures are a lot rarer in the real world. But that only makes it more enjoyable when the turn up. Which is why it gives us incredible pleasure to offer these original cartoon reels of the Silver Age Marvel cartoon.


176 film reels from the 1966 cartoons, 92% of a complete set, found in the estate of the series’s production assistant. This is a stunning find for the Marvel comic collector. This isn’t another issue, or collectible, or anything ever made for mass-market production. This is a genuine piece of production history. This kind of comic antique is why we employ professional agents to find the finest comic book collectibles, and even for us this is a spectacular success. We will be honored to help find a fan to steward this piece of Marvel history. You can help by sharing this comic collectible auction with the most devoted Marvel maniacs.

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