While headlines are grabbed by ancient issues which sell for millions of dollars, the money is earned by those who pick up those issues when they’re still new and cheap. A large part of collection is completing your set and upgrading it with variants, multiples, and the star feature that is the signature of those behind the title.

This comic book collection is a cross-section of current printing, stacks of Marvel and DC under a towering mountain of independent comics. 593 issues in total and (as of the time of writing) still selling for what works out to less than a dollar each, this is an easy way to pick up some variants or just read the current state of comic publishing. 294 variants and special editions can help you complete a number of cover galleries, along with 20 independent ashcan copies you couldn’t have found in any store in the first place.

The selling point for some will be 66 signed copies, including an issue of Powers signed by Michael Avon Oeming. Others (like us) will look at Hearts of Darkness, the triumvirate team of Wolverine, Punisher, and Ghost Rider, and simply know they have to own something so spectacular. But now our time with it has passed – you could have it next with this comic book auction.

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