Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie simply are group drama: whenever they get together, a crowd of interesting people incarnate, interact, and then disappear to leave us wanting more. Their insights into ensemble action manifested most clearly in Phonogram 2, and again in their recently-completed run on Young Avengers. At Image Expo they revealed that their next drama will be divine. Because the only setting more powerful than music and superpowers is the gods themselves.

The Wicked & The Divine will follow the adventures of twelve reincarnated gods who only get two years in every ninety to play on the surface of the world, and they’re superstars from the get-go. But not everything is as it seems, even when you’ve already accepted the gods made flesh, and a thirteenth figure is complicating things for everyone.

The only downside is that this new story will shunt the long-anticipated Phonogram 3 even further into the future, even as Kieron Gillen tells interviewers that he’s worried about the timelag between a story being inspired and in print. But as far as ways to solve creative problems go, creating even more interesting ideas then writing and releasing them is certainly a favorite.

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