Not all comics are about caped crusaders. This comic book collection gathers the golden age of love, as well the silver, and the bronze too. Please note: the lack of radiation-inducing superpowers in no way makes the resulting adventures any more believable.

The collection ranges across Marvel, DC, and independents with 110 issues of unrestored romantic madness. More crying on the covers than Onion Choppers Monthly, crazier hair than David Haller, and more bitter infighting between alleged allies than a Marvel crossover. Plus most of the characters spend longer preparing to step into action than Batman.


These comics are a mind-bending window into another era of what publishers thought women wanted – if there were any older-fashioned they’d including stitching patterns for making third under-petticoats out of scraped wildebeest. Whether you want them for sociopolitical studies, collection completion, or sheer amusement value, this comic book auction is a bargain run of these often hard-to-find series.

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