When it comes to things that can be all-ages comics, “Chainmail bikini murderer” should be right at the bottom. Just under, well, pretty much anything else from the Conan mythos. But the whole point of comics is imagining the impossible – and a Dynamite one-shot is where you take the impossible as a starting point and then really change things up.

The result is an adorable adventure bursting with so much childish energy you’d swear it was storyboarding a top-rated cartoon. (Note: TV studios, this is what we call a “hint”). They solve the sword-slaughter issue by having her fight a sword-proof dragon, enemies are defeated through teamwork and cunning instead of cutting, and the chainmail bikini has morphed into what looks like’s Commander Worf’s honor stolen sash over sackcloth. But she’s such an adorable little warrior we don’t think even he’d mind.


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