We all enjoy our weekly comic books, and we’ve all suffered the agony of a month’s delay until the next issue. (And even that’s assuming the comic comes out in time). But the most blissful state is a big boxful of comics, devouring entire storylines in one sitting, defended from boredom or stress by the most fantastic cast of heroes ever assembled. And this comic book collection could probably defend you from Galactus himself.

A vast modern comic book collection, over 18,000 issues from the turn of the millennium to the present day and going for a fraction of their original cost. 3,715 DC comics, more than twice as many Marvels, and most exciting of all, almost seven thousand independent comics from the last fourteen years. That’s the Library of Independent Alexandria, an archive of entertainment which will keep you in new stories for the foreseeable future.

There’s even a collectible cherry on top with five Platinum Superman variants, the only older item in the collection. Check out the collection’s contents at our comic book auction.

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