Poor Scott Summers is the most maligned leader in the history of the X-Men. He could kill you as soon as look at you, but because he worries about that instead of doing it he’s too-often cast as an indecisive whiner with a charisma deficiency. He’s had good moments – properly handled he’s a tactical commander who can kick ass with nothing but a face-first attitude – and it looks like we might get some more with Cyclops #1.

This series gives young Summers every possible chance to enjoy himself. He’s one of the time-lost young X-men currently caught in the present (so he’s seen how much antifun his current attitude brings), he’s cut free from old responsibilities by being shot into space, and he gets to hang out with Corsair, his father who’s also a space pirate. Most importantly he’s being written by Greg Rucka, experienced author of Action Comics and the Punisher. If that can’t make him cool they’d be better off freezing him in Carbonite and cutting eye holes so they can use him as a laser-blasting shield.

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