If you know comics, you know Garth Ennis. The powerhouse behind Preacher, His work ranges from appallingly powerful to blatantly silly, and his characters always have plenty of guts. (In about half the stories you end up seeing them). And you’ll see plenty more in his upcoming science-fiction horror series Caliban.

That cover might seem to give the game away – space explorers encounter mysterious alien writing and it goes extremely badly – but Garth Ennis is a master of countering cliché. He’s the writer who had a Preacher demand answers from God, and get them. In Crossed he short-circuited the torturous logic of goreporn horror by inventing a sickness which made you do the most horrible things you could think of. And he can craft characters so compelling that even when they venture into the dark of hyperspace and start poking at blatantly evil alien artifacts, you’ll still want to see what they have to say.

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