As long as there is crime, there will always be a Batman. And arguments about which Batman is best. Did Christian Bale make a reboot to better than the original? Was Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns definitive, or good enough to make up for his Dark Knight Returns Again And Sucks This Time? The most obvious answer to “Which is the best Batman?” is “Every single Batman apart from Kevin Smith’s tied for first place”, but the world is remembering a finer time, and a better Batman. Adam West is back.

Batman ’66 is digitized delight. DC has finally worked out how to electronically transmit pure joy, by realizing that if anyone can capture the intangible emotion of happiness it’s the world’s greatest detective. Every issue is an ode to the most blatantly and brightly caped of crusaders, a lawfully deputized peace officer who supports “grittiness” because it helps civilians drive more safely on icy roads. Icy roads – great scott, old chum, it’s that cryogenic criminal Dr Freeze! Quick! To the Batpoles!

This retro glory is also the most advanced digital comic yet produced, with panel swipes and text balloons cunningly engineered to replicate the sound effects and transitions of the series. More advanced technology embraces Adam West as well, with the PS3 version of Arkham Origins offering the most hilarious skin of all time: a full Frank Miller beefcake crammed into the campiest costume outside of wearing a tent. There is no way they don’t know how ridiculous that looks. And no way not to love them for doing it.

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