Free Neil Gaiman comic books sound like something a Nigerian prince of printed matter would promise, an urgent e-mail too good to be true which ends with you scammed out of your silver and gold (age) goods by the hope of wonderful and impossible dreams. But wonderful and impossible dreams are exactly what Neil Gaiman creates — in fact it’s basically the script of one of his greatest works — and he’s teamed up with Knockabout Comics to bring you free comics. And cure disease into the bargain. And we remind you that this is really happening.

Knockabout Comics are promoting their Sequential digital comic reader with an exclusive collection of early Gaiman work. Lost comics from the 80s, project proposals, typed Sandman notes – possibly the only aspect of the Sandman not already bound in exclusive hardcover and sold five times already. Not only is it free, it will actively fund malaria research, with every download matched by their donation of fifty cents to Malaria No More. They’re doing something even better than paying you to read comic books.

Given Gaiman’s stature, it’s clear he cares about digital comics to donate his work to this cause. And when Gaiman says something about comics it’s well worth reading. So you’re not just getting more comics, you’re getting a whole new way to get more comics, and you’re helping those in need into the bargain. If all advertising budgets were used like this we’d be living in a utopia.

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