Freelancers don’t have a guaranteed income or company medical insurance, but they get to work on something they love. It’s all about concentrating on the positives. But sometimes that’s harder to apply: for example, artist Joe Phillips is about to have one more excuse to stay at his drawing desk. Because his foot has been amputated. Sorry, but being a comic artist doesn’t mean everything can be funny.

Instead of shrugging and suddenly acting like the non-employee is invisible, the standard corporate attitude towards expensive problems, IDW Publishing is taking part in a community event to raise money for the medical fees. There they’ll be offering attendees IDW comics for cash donations, raffling limited edition issues, auctioning a tour of IDW headquarters, and attending the event in person – and this isn’t “intern with nothing better to do”, this is staff up to and including CEO & Publisher Ted Adams.

The event is in association with Comickaze Comics and Books and More, and is an inspirational effort to recognize the efforts of the artists who make all our amazing comics possible.

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