She-Hulk is a lot more intelligent than her name would suggest. And so is her name. It sounds like the laziest possible method of ripping off an established character, but was intended to legally prevent other companies from stealing the property. Making it perfect for gamma-boosted lawyer Jennifer Walters.

shehulkdoomThis  Hulk’s prefix shouldn’t be sex but superiority: She-Hulk maintains control of her faculties even as their output is amplified a millionfold. Which begs the question: why isn’t she number one of everything? An original model Hulk-out is still an all hand-on-deck emergency for every sentient species with sufficient limbs to qualify. And he’s an idiot. She’s got all the strength, and still has the smarts, and has been (relatively) quietly Avenging, fantasticking, and otherwise getting on with her business instead of being the most respected hero on the planet. And also her business of wading into the legal fallout of ultrapowered adventure. Which is more terrifying then any clone army you could care to mention.


The interaction between capes and consequence was the theme of the excellent 2004 volumes Single Green Female and Superhuman Law. Now a new series strips her of her legal allies, sending her to face ever-larger threats as a self-employed attorney-at-law.


She was recently attacked by the most powerful enemy any superhero could have: an asshole writer. And for comic book characters those are more powerful than Celestials and Watchers combined. David S. Goyer mangled her history and motivation into a terrifyingly incestuous sex fantasy, and all it did was help her as more people read those excellent stories. Because being an asshole against a Hulk only ever makes them stronger.


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