Asterix and Obelix have returned! Comic book buyers have confirmed the return of the world’s most beloved Gauls. It’s a glorious success, because this time they faced something far scarier than the mere entirety of the Roman Empire: legions of old fans. And they had to do it without their secret strength, because they may still have pots of magic potion, but for the first time, they don’t have the help of their original creators.

Changing creative teams aren’t a surprise for most comic book buyers, with superheroes being passed from writer to writer like a crown instead of a creative project, but this French comic has never before been out of the hands of its original creators. For over fifty years and thirty-four volumes, the rustic Gauls biffed and paffed their way through all obstacles, their blend of slapstick, sharp caricatures and indulgent puns finding favor around the world. Even after the death of original writer Rene Goscinny in 1977, original artist Albert Uderzo took over scripting duties for another eleven volumes.

But now fresh faces have taken the travelling pair to Caledonia in Asterix and the Picts. Writer Jean-Yves Ferri and artist Didier Conard stepped into the shadows of giants to take on the title, but comic book buyers have endorsed their efforts. After only a week the original French print run has sold out, all two million copies, and a second printing is already underway.

It seems our friends will remain indomitable.

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