DC have divided their fanbase with their exploits in the New 52, but one thing everyone can agree on is the excellence of Vertigo. This adult imprint explored themes than the caped crusaders couldn’t deal with. The result was some of the finest comics every published. The recent reboot has started a split between the New 52 universes and their more mature cousins, with Vertigo shifting to entirely creator-owned comics, and now you can own their history.

Because the history of Vertigo is the history of great comics. Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Jamie Delano, Grant Morrisson, Garth Ennis, the freedom of a mature rating unleashed some of the most imaginative storytellers in comics history on a whole new world. The results will stand forever as some of the greatest stories ever told. The growth of Swamp Thing, the Preacher who faced down god, the legendary Sandman, 100 Bullets more hard-bitten than chewing a gun, and the eternal classic that is Hellblazer.

More than anything, Hellblazer captures the spirit of the series. Empowered by magic, and much more by the creative spirits of the greatest writers of the age, the longest-living character in the Vertigo stable – and that’s a cast including Death herself. A victim of the DC52 reboot, Hellblazer was sacrificed to make way for Constantine, a pretender who claims to be dirty but lives in a world of capes. You can enjoy the real thing, and so much more, through comic auctions hosted by Neatstuff Collectibles.

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