The Sandman movie seems to be moving ahead, naming Jack Thorne as scriptwriter, meaning he’ll have to adapt seven years of one of the most influential comics in existence into about ninety minutes. And the production company is already making noises about a franchise to rival Harry Potter. So, you know, no pressure.

It looks like he’ll be up to the task. Jack Thorne is a multiple BAFTA-winning screenwriter, meaning he’s experienced in both scripting and being English, both essential properties for anyone approaching Sandman. Especially since one of those BAFTAs was for a supernatural drama serial. Awarding him the Best Newcomer prize for “The Scouting Book for Boys”, judges at the London Film festival said “Jack Thorne is a poetic writer with an end-of-the-world imagination and a real gift for story-telling.” You couldn’t get a more specific Sandman recommendation without cloning a new Gaiman to spend a life as a screenwriter. So, unlike most movie adaptations, we can still dream of success.

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