Warren Ellis is currently casting his character-upgrade magic on Moon Knight, but his powers are at their greatest in his own series where he’s not constrained by continuity, character bibles, or any requirement that the universe still be standing in the same number of dimensions as it started with. Fans of fantastic science-fiction can look forward to his new series from Image Comics, with art by Jason Howard. (If you don’t know Jason Howard, he’s the artist behind both Super Dinosaur and your question just now, “How did I not know about somebody cool enough to have created Super Dinosaur?”)

Trees turns an old joke into a fresh story. There really are intelligent species out there, and they really don’t consider us part of the club. But instead of giving us the dignity of avoiding the Earth, aliens have landed, and have spent a decade doing things we can’t perceive. Which can only add to their attitude of doing it without telling us. That’s a comic book story you simply haven’t read before, and that’s only in the first issue synopsis. The series starts in May, and we can’t wait.

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