The Man of Gold is coming back! The last most people saw of time-travelling adventurer Booster Gold was his disappearance as Superman and Wonder Woman finally kissed – which wasn’t intended to represent the reaction of many fans to fanfic replacing action, but did a good job of it all the same. He’s since been spotted in the old west, but a recent Newsarama interview with Booster’s creator Dan Jurgens has confirmed that he’s returning for his own series in September.


This will tie in with the upcoming Future’s End storyline, because a storyline like that means time travel, and time travel means Booster. But the fate of the spacetime continuum is small particles compared to the reunification of Booster with Jurgens, his creator and still the man who’s written more Booster than anyone else. The New 52’s version was a sincere hero instead of a cash-grabbing PR-hunting gloryhound asshole. In other words, he was no Booster at all. With the upcoming reintroduction of Gold’s greatest partner Ted Kord to DC continuity, we can only hope for a return to the real Booster. Because the Justice League is already full of heroes. Now let’s have some fun.

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