The United States of Murder Inc might have been the best sentence-title in comics if they could have resisted incorporation, but we suppose we can sacrifice a sharp sentence for the sake of a wider story. In this new series that story is an alternate history where the Mafia vs Government showdown went the other way, and now the five families directly control swathes of the states. And Eliot Ness is presumably the only sewage worker forced to work with his bare hands.


Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming are the creative team behind Powers, but don’t worry if you didn’t know that, because this series certainly won’t let you forget. Which is fair enough. When you’re behind one of the most popular reinterpretations of superheroism ever written in a field entirely made of superheroism, you get to write your own comics while still working for Marvel. The United States of Murder Inc will be published by Icon, Marvel’s “creator-owned” imprint for big names they don’t want to leave, with the first issue out in in mid-May.

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