Cu Chullain is the most epic warrior hero of Celtic history, from a time when “hero” didn’t always mean “good guy”, and usually meant “really good at stabbing”. You might ask what we need of another Cu Chullain when we already have 2000 AD’s gorgeously pointed Sláine, to which there are two answers:

  1. If “wearing a cape” is enough for ten thousand strongmen, we can afford more than one guy with a sword
  2. Beautiful black and white art.


At Neat Stuff Collectibles we’re always in favor of new comics, especially when they look this good. Hound has already bounded past the obstacles ahead of many comics kickstarters, with gorgeous art and a team of people who’ve provably completed many projects in the past. A big part of the project’s cost isn’t just “paying the artist’s rent”, but “paying the artist so he can take time off from all his paid work”. This offers unconventional rewards, like paying to be put in the comic as a severed head.


 That’s normally when the man with the sword demands money so that you don’t join the collection. Like we say, in history “hero” didn’t always mean “good guy”. But in comics it often means glorious adventure and gorgeous art. Which is why we’re already looking forward to Hound. You can support the project on Kickstarter here.

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