This is the sort of comic book collection we love to see, and love even more to sell. Over three thousand beautiful comic books collected, complete, no loose pages or missing covers, just a chunk of history held carefully until the time came to sell. And that time is now!


This comic book collection has over 200 golden age comics, and 512 fine horror comics. Normally that would be an entire auction all by itself. Here it’s just the horrific icing on an incredible four-color cake. The bulk of the collection is Marvel, whose highlights include number one issues for Iron Fist, Marvel Preview, Ghost Rider, the Defenders, and Warlock. And did we mention Amazing Spider-Man #129? Because we should really mention the Punisher’s origin in Amazing Spider-Man #129.


This isn’t just a comic book collection, this is an archive, library, and treasure trove. We’re happy just to have seen such a hoard, and we’re even happier to offer free US shipping for the lucky owner of this collection of comic book joy. Find this amazing comic book auction here.

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