Comic book collectibles can become valuable due to age, due to rarity, or due to beloved characters which have stood the test of time, and once in a long while you find something with all three. We’ve found two and we’re bringing them both to you. Mickey Mouse and Minnie March to Macy’s and Mickey Mouse and Minnie at Macy’s might not be the most surprising plot progression, but they’re some of the rarest comic book collectibles we’ve ever seen.


These Big Little Books were promotional giveaways over eighty years ago, and have enjoyed an infinite percent price increase (that’s not hyperbole: they were free when first distributed). Less than fifty copies of the march are known to exist, and less than twenty copies of their time at Macy’s – wherever they were marching must have been pretty dangerous. But they survived the rest of the century, and now one of the rarest Disney collectibles in existence is yours to own. Check out the comic book auctions here and here now.

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