The golden age gave us our greatest heroes, but the silver age gave them their most spectacular  adventures. Authors evolved our icons by bashing them against everything the imagination could conceive of. And it was tremendous fun.


This comic book collection of 96 unrestored issues isn’t a window into that age, it’s an entire library. From the eternal fame of Superman to the increasingly-accurately named Challengers of the Unknown, these comics are complete in every respect: no detached covers, no missing pages, and nothing but brilliance like Batman and Robin finding their own medievally-armed selves.


Remember that with Neat Stuff Collectibles you get free US shipping! You buy the comics, and we’ll take care of the postage, because we want you to enjoy even more when you buy from us. This comic book auction is a refinement of shining silver glory, and we can’t wait to help another comic fan enjoy them.

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