Comic book adventures are endless adventures in upgrade and exploration. Even the most iconic characters are constantly changing, with Iron Man upgrading his armor, or Wolverine swapping  adamantium claws for bone, then trying the metal again, and basically dithering back and forth like someone trying out the world’s most murderous accessories. Sometimes an entire comic universe is ended just to make room for brand new adventures. And now you can do the same by selling your comic book collection.

Whether you’re moving home, making room for a new arrival, or just want to read ten thousand new old comics instead of the ones you already have, Neat Stuff Collectibles can help. Our expert agents are always ready to evaluate your comic book collection and offer instant cash. We don’t hassle, we don’t badger, and unlike many collectors we won’t try to pry the precious key issues out of your beloved shelves. We make an offer for everything, and we don’t need to haggle because it’s the best offer you’ll get. If it’s not, tell us! Because we’ll want to do better.

Whether it’s a signed and sealed single issue or a warehouse of old adventures, we’re the ones who’ll buy it fastest and easiest. Our expert agents have authority to pay cold hard cash, and the expertise to organize transport. And if you want to spend the lovely money on all new adventures we’re the best at selling huge comic collections too. Because so many other people have already sold to us!

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