Building a comic book collection is a labor of love and the work of years. Selling your comic book collection is the exact opposite: it’s all about the money, and you want it gone as quickly as possible. Most people only sell their collection once, so each one repeats the same basic mistakes.

The most important thing is to sell your comic book collection as a single unit. It can be fun to throw up a thousand individual entries onto eBay and watch the offers flood in, but expert buyers will pick your collection clean of all its best bits, leaving you with less than half the money, and a much harder collection to sell.

The second thing people forget is the value of their own time. Dealing with a crowd of collectors can be full-time job, fielding dozens of detailed questions from people who are perhaps maybe thinking of buying a single issue. From the middle of your complete run. Add up how long you spend dealing with the sales, and you’ve effectively spent more on the time it took than you made by selling it.

Finally, you want a reputable buyer. If an offer is too good to be true, well done on realizing that. Managing the exchange of comics for cash can turn things into a tense hostage negotiation with a stranger – and any situation where Batman is the helpless hostage has clearly gone badly wrong.

Neatstuff Collectibles would love to help you with all of the above. We buy comic book collections by the barrowload. Give us a call.

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