The internet has made everything easier. Whether you want to watch Korean pop stars losing control of their legs or Algerian goats suddenly falling asleep in amusing ways, you can have it instantly. Compared to them men in tights punching each other in the Savage Land seem almost mundane. But they’re not, and you can buy comics online too.

Comic auctions are also a great way to fill gaps in your collection. In physical stores, back issue comic books are hidden in the back of endless longboxes, buried under more paper than they were when they were still part of the original tree. But when you buy comics online you have to compare prices: some comic auctions seem to be run by Lex Luthor, holding Superman hostage to try to steal money from innocent civilians.

The most important aspect of online sales is an established reputation. There’s no shortage of chancers trying to shift reprint (or even reboot!) issues as near mint #1’s. You can usually see through them like you’re using Eye of Agamotto, but even so they’ve still managed to waste your time.

Your best bet for buying comics online is to test each seller with a small purchase, then stick with them. The larger the seller, the less likely you’ll have to look elsewhere to find the issues you want, and the fewer unknowns you deal with, the less chance of something going wrong. Most importantly, the less time you have to waste looking for your comics, the more time you can spend reading them.

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