A “distinctive” character design can mean an iconic look established over decades of issues, or an attention-punching intensity which grabs your eyeballs and forces them to face front, and Vampirella’s very both. She’s spent forty-four years pushing both the bounds of horror and the structural limitations of swimsuits, and you can enjoy her original appearances in this huge comic book auction.

Vampirella has undergone more resurrections than most undead, evolving from a Drakulonian alien exile, through a biblically-inspired origin as a fighter of evil, to an extremely unlikely hybrid of hell and both, and is still going strong as an ongoing Dynamite character. This run collects the bulk of the original Warren Publishing run, including the classic #1 Moon cover, a number of graphic novels, and a few features from  her second home at Harris Comics.

This run is classic horror anthology: black and white and bloody all over with Vampirella ripping into her role as a Crypt-Keeper who wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty in her own stories, as well as introducing the others. Backup features included the bloodthirsty Egyptian goddess Pantha, and all three Vampirellan appearances of the witch woman Fleur.

Vampirella is classic clothing-averse fun. Sex and violence have never been more brilliantly blatantly combined, and it comes across as honest instead of overpowering. Especially since this star is no damsel: distress is what she dishes out, not her destination. And you can enjoy a decade of her adventures with this high grade comic book collection.

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