The Vertigo imprint has hosted some of the greatest comics ever written, and now you can own them. Vertigo is where many DC writers went when the wanted freedom from the shackles of ratings, continuity, established universe events, or otherwise decided that it might be fun to write their own original story. It’s always been fertile ground for creator-owned titles, and dedicated itself entirely to the idea in 2012. And in this comic book auction you can see why.

Comic book collections are fun to complete, and exciting as investments, but the primary point of printed matter is to be read. And it’s rare that you’ll find better reading material than this. Sandman, Hellblazer, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, some of the most exciting events in comic book history are here, a who’s who of definitive comic book creators, and a feast of of #1’s will introduce you to a wide range of original characters and concepts. And in Vertigo, that meant much more than a new cape-and-cowl color combination. Check them out in our Vertigo collection comic book auction.

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