The Golden Age of comics gave us our greatest heroes, and the Silver age saw them battling a thousand stories of insanity (all minions of the Comics Code Authority, whose censorship powers robbed even the mightiest heroes of any ability to actually fight things). Gold and silver are surely precious, but it’s the Bronze and Copper which brought our heroes into the modern age.

If anyone can craft adventures and extra cash out of the baser metals, it’s Tony Stark, and this comic book collection combines both. A big batch of 74 Bronze Age comics with a shiny topping of 13 Copper, they aren’t just a profitable comic auction waiting to happen. They’re essential evolution of one of Marvel’s most important (and profitable) heroes.

The Bronze Age brought the shiny Silvered superheroes closer to Earth, dragging them through the mud of the real world and rediscovering the bits of grit which would dominate the Modern Age. This collection sees the Iron Avenger facing campus protests, Vietnam, even turning up at a comic book convention. Longtime shellhead supporters will  see classics like Madame Masque and the Melter, the endlessly repeated battle between brains and brawn that is Iron against the Hulk, and alternating between helping and facing SHIELD. There are even adventures the “Unicorn” and his horny powers. Strange that those aren’t included in the movie.

The star of the show has to be the classic King Arthur tale pitting Tony Stark and Doctor Doom against each other and the timestream itself. Every issue a classic, and all for the taking in this comic auction.

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