Superman has struggled with everything writers can imagine for seventy-five years. There isn’t a supervillain, crisis, or noun-with-a-cape he hasn’t punched in the face at least once, and some percussive fatigue has been showing in his more recent stories. The New 52 has him chopping through alien armadas in full thinking-he’s-badass mode, while the movie misinterpreted his struggle not to kill anyone no matter how evil as a “feeling bad after totally killing a guy, but it’s okay because he was evil”.

But just as Superman can recharge by soaking in solar radiation, we can restore our Super-faith by basking in Bronze Age adventures. In this comic book collection Silver Age insanity can still be seen, with Superman battling enemies of insanity up to and including kung fu kick Jimmy Olsen, the distinctly dated Microwave Man, and his own stolen eyeballs, but the escape from Silver age censorship means he’s allowed to hit them. Which rarely works. But always makes for a more exciting comic. This collection of 83 comic books ranges across an era of Superman, including Superman, Action Comics, Superman Family, DC Comics Presents, World’s Finest, Superboy, New Adventures of Superboy, Adventure Comics, and a guest appearance in Firestorm.

A highlight of the comic book collection is Showcase 97-99, the expanded pre-crisis origin of Power Girl. Another is the adventure of “Corporal Steel”, Superman’s secret identity when he teams up with Sgt. Rock. That kicks the hell out of Clark Kent. And that’s the kind of awesome adventure you get in this comic book collection.

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