The great thing about buying gifts for comic book fans is that you know what they love. The bad thing is that they already have it. You decide to buy them some comics online, a fast and fun way to find the perfect issue, but then you realize that the reason you know they like a certain character is because they already have every single issue on their shelves. In fact, they probably bought those comics online too.

You don’t want to buy an arc or author they don’t enjoy, and you can’t buy them the same comic twice. But you can do something even better. Comic auctions are a great place to get original comic book art: one of a kind gifts, before they became panels, an irreplaceable piece of their favorite comic book for them alone to own.

This ticks all the checkboxes of a great present: it’s something you know they’d love, but that they’d never get for themselves, and with online comic auctions the right piece is much easier to find than you’d think. No need to trawl through longboxes, or to crane your neck over busy counters to ask the price of the art behind the counter (which can often be excessive). A simple search and you’ve found a comic book treasure which will only increase in value as time goes on. A gift that’s both a thoughtful gift and an investment: truly, comic books are the most amazing things.

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