Halloween is the one time of year we can all cape ourselves as crusaders, apply make-up as monsters, and indulge all our silliest and most stylish fantasies. But what we call cutting loose, comic book heroes call another day at the office. It’s an odd adventure which doesn’t involve at least five pairs of tights, a robot suit, and a giant grizzled monster. And unlike Scooby Doo, their enemies usually aren’t in masks or costumes. And when they are it’s Doctor Doom.

Indulge their incredible imaginations with 1,026 monster-themed comics. This creepy comic collection cuts across continuities with the Phantom Stranger and the House of Secrets, both of which spawned heroes defined by “turning up mysteriously in other character’s comics to bring both tricks and treats”, before indulging in the most gloriously monstrous of movie villains. Werewolf by Night! The Tomb of Dracula! Boris Karloff! All the most ancient names in horror, truly immortalized this time in the form of comic books. And yes, of course the Werewolf and Dracula meet to beat each other up. We’d be insulted you asked, except we understand that you just want to make sure.

The rest of this comic book collection revels in the imagination of madness. Decades of comics, armies of writers, and every month they were out to create the craziest and creepiest stories. Where Monsters Dwell! Vault of Evil! Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love! Each sounds like an extra-special Halloween episode of something scary, and each is an ongoing comic crammed with its own very special craziness.

There’s no better comic book collection for All Hallow’s Eve, and no better way to spend the spookiest month.

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