Archie Andrews was intended to be the American everyteen, but he’s been rocking superhero numbers of titles, and survived most of the teens he was born with. A combination which means he’s starred in an incredible number of comic books, and we’ve got a staggering number of them for sale right now. Because you’d stagger if you tried to lift 1,259 comics too. (Luckily you won’t have to, with our free US shipping!)

This unrestored collection ranges from the forties to the seventies and includes a wide range of annuals and spinoffs. Archie is of course the star, the bulk of the books coming from Archie Comics, Joke Book, Life With, Madhouse, Giant Series, Pals’N’Gals and many more. The collection is spiced up with a dusting of spin-offs such as Pat the Brat, That Wilkin Boy, Jughead as Captain Hero, Archie as Pureheat the Powerful, and even his evangelist appearances in Spire Christian Comics.

This archive of Archie is in good condition. We’ve checked all 1,259 issues and there are no detached covers or loose pages. It’s a vintage treasure trove, including 48 comics from the original 10c golden age – and you could end up getting them for not much more per issue. Check out the immense Archie auction right now!

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