Horror comics had a problem with names: they couldn’t be called after their heroes because most of those died. As did most of the villains (though that didn’t usually stop them). The need to stand out from a rack of variously eerie, creepy, scary and otherwise adjectived stories created an era of spectacular titles.


“TALES DESIGNED TO CARRY AN … IMPACT!” You don’t get titles like that anymore. I don’t think you even can, the editors would hunt you down with flaming torches and blades to slash and burn you down to a single word. Not to mention the hybrid neology of Shocking SuspenStories.It was an era of insane titles, and we have most of them in this comic book collection of 280 unrestored comics. It’s an archive of eerietymology: Vault of Evil! Tomb of Darkness! Crypt of Shadows! Location of Scaryword! We’ve also got a lot of The House of Secrets and The House of Mystery, back before they became delta hubs for dreaming Superheroes.


We’ve also got an array of first issues, a great number of number ones including Impact, Tower of Shadows, Doctor Spektor, Weird Mystery Tales and many more. It’s an excellent addition for any fans of horror comics, and an excellent starting point for anyone who wants to read the comics that came before superheroes overshadowed the shadows for good. Check out thisĀ horror comic book auction now.

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