The insanity of old comics is a joy to behold. But while our Golden Age heroes might act a little out of character, with Batman packing heat and Superman flinging people into space rather than bother the police, things were truly turned up to 11 when there weren’t recurring characters to conserve. Or any physical laws to conserve. Those were the tales of science-fiction, and this collection of 233 science-fiction comics from 1940-1970 collects more visions of the future-past than a drugged science-fiction writer. Which was almost certainly the case behind many of them.

Fans of continuities won’t be disappointed either, with Adam Strange, Captain Atom and the Blackhawks battling through the kind of threat which would make most heroes suspect hallucinogens. And Rip Hunter taking the long way round from the the past to the present. There are comic visions of all kind of future with Bronze Age titles taking unique angles on Battlestar Galactica, Space: 1999, Flash Gordon, Stars both Warring and Trekking and many more. 233 comics, 80 DC, 46 Marvel, and over a hundred other assorted titles.

The future as seen from the past through comics – that’s more different levels of imagination than Inception. Make the future of the past your present with this comic book auction.

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