MattyCollector have revealed the most terrifying villain of all time: a Green Lantern Riddler!

Riddler’s entire deal is coming up with insanely imaginative tricks and traps. Armed with an Oan Power Ring he’d wrap the world in conundra and cackle as he finally proved himself superior to everyone else on the planet. Which kicks the hell out of the usual Green Lantern “vague energy blasts” and “sometimes a big shield”. We know the rings are driven by will instead of imagination, but come on, who has more willpower than Edward Nygma? Batman is famous for his determination, but he gets to go out and win every night. Nygma keeps coming back from beatings which would break a linebacker motivated by nothing but a love of puns.

Of course, it’s not really a Riddler with a Ring. Instead MattyCollector are closing out the DC Universe Classics line with a reference to a beloved collectible, the rarest of the Super Amigos.


This South American-only figure was clearly a quick repaint of Green Lantern, so blatant you expect Hal to look down and demand to know who’s been writing on him with a Sharpie. And now that lazy quick buck is honored with extra effort and a 6″ figure. And you know, Riddler with a Ring would make a great crisis event…

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