Neat Stuff Collectibles is our name, our philosophy, our business, and all three mean we love this beautiful Batmobile, an authentic recreation of the original by Hammacher Schlemmer. We’re naturally suspicious of “instant collectibles”, gimmicks trying to earn authenticity with chroming instead of age, but when those gimmicks including an authentic Batbeam ray rising from the hood, exhaust pipes on the back, and cockpit controls modeled on the series to go with the beautiful exterior, we’re in love.

Did we mention that flames really shoot out the back? We feel like we should mention that flames really shoot out the back. And then start convincing ourselves that the $200,000 asking price would be a wise investment for when our staff travel to evaluate a potential comic book collection sale. (We do that for free, by the way.)

It’s an incredible automotive accessory to the Batman ’66 series, the spectacularly POW-tastic weekly digital comic packing every bit of the Adam West era’s camp fun. The car is officially licensed by DC, and so accurately detailed on the original that the street-legal rear view mirrors are clip-on, so that they can be removed when you want to bask in an exact replica of the original atomic batteried chariot of justice. The replica doesn’t have atomic batteries, but that probably doesn’t surprise you, and definitely won’t stop you from still setting them to power, and the turbines to speed, and roaring off down the road in the ultimate fantasy vehicle.

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