When we think of the Golden Age we imagine amazing beings discovering powers far beyond mortal men, then using those powers to get away with wearing capes in public. But the other side of that era of comic book glory was combat comics, the action-packed adventures of more captains, commandos, and commanders than were involved in the real war. And you can buy them in this incredible estate-find comic book collection

Even the named heroes are less “with powers like these!” and more “guy with a gun”, with Dick Tracy and The Spirit checking chins in the name of justice. The collection is studded with examples of a truly different era of comics, with such unlikely heroes as Laurel and Hardy or Mr District Attorney. We also have the early appearances of a more mainstream comic book character with Plastic Man. And with some of the “era-specific” racist stereotypes in the Spirit covers, he’s not even nearly the most physically deformed character in this comic book collection.

This comic book collection is the dream of every collector, the estate sale discovery. Someone quietly collected and kept comic books safe for decades, and now they’re unleashed on the world – and you can get the lot in one comic book auction.

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