Kickstarter has launched countless comic books into our imagination, enabling hundreds of artists and writers to short-circuit all the obstacles of publishing and printing by posting their comics directly to their internet fans. It also allows established comic book creators to keep doing their thing, answering to no-one but their fans. The latest of these second-stage ignitions is kickstarting the classic comic book Tank Girl. And after the execrable 1995 movie, you could see why even established names would want to avoid any more corporate interference.


The project reunites Alan Martin with Jamie Hewlitt and a host of other incredibly talented artists to take the Tank Girl into a new millennium. And it’s already incredibly funded, almost twice the original asking price, so the only risk involved is asking yourself “Do I want more Tank Girl?” and then getting incredibly impatient when you realize the answer is “HELL YES.” Or if your question is “What is a Tank Girl?”, the answer is “a iconically armed and armored apocalypse punk comic, combining the best in British art with every kind of comic technique, and also HELL YES.”

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