After fifty years of flitting around the Marvel universe, Uatu the Watcher has finally learned that maybe you shouldn’t keep sticking your head into the most violently dangerous situations in the universe. Especially when your skull is so gigantic that even random fire has a fair chance of being a perfect headshot. But what happens at the start of Original Sin is no accident.

In May 2014 writer Jason Aaron and artist Mike Deodato Jr. will bring us an all-powerful murder mystery, and with a suspect list of “everyone, everywhere”, and the best possible witness already dead, it gives them the chance to play with pretty much anything they want. It’s a round of cosmic Cluedo and the answer could be anything from “Galactus on the Moon with an ultimate nullifier” to “Frank Castle wherever he wanted with whatever he wanted, because the Punisher can kill anyone.”

There’s also the benefit of proving that the most boringly powerful player in Marvel continuity finally does something, even if it’s just “dying”.

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