Comixology are all about providing fast access to comics, and they’re doing that in spectacular fashion with the SXSW Submit Starter Pack. One hundred comics for ten dollars. That’s ten cents an issue for a hundred heroes you might never have seen before – it’s not so much a sale as a miniature Golden Age. And today’s your last chance to enjoy it.

This isn’t the standard sampler, a frustrating flip-book sticking you with a few pages of annoyingly unconnected anonymousness which tries to trick you into buying the real thing to find out what the hell is going on. This is a digital bumper back of one hundred real issues, stuff they have for sale as standard, but “as standard” it would cost three hundred bucks.

It’s part of a program to offer new creators to interested readers. The “Submit” program isn’t an evil plan for world domination, name notwithstanding, but a chance for comics to reach an audience without any publisher. That being a big part of what digital comics can offer. This isn’t just a sale, it’s a spectrum of modern creation, a kaleidoscope of electronic imagination, and if nothing else, a buffer which makes sure you won’t be stuck for reading material.


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