The New York Comic Con lives up to almost every part of its name, bringing us both comics and cons, as we spend our days hoping that the wild promises of  teasers live up to the former instead of the latter. And a new horror teaser in time for Halloween is putting our imaginations into overdrive, despite being nothing but a black page with the words “New Horror” written on it.

This should be easy to ignore. It doesn’t promise anything, it’s a blatant attempt to generate buzz whose absolute lack of information should be dismissed with contempt. But the only other words on the page are the ones which keep us curious: “Kirkman & Azateca”.

Robert Kirkman is the man behind The Walking Dead, one of the most popular horror comics ever written, zombies which rampaged not only across the world but escaped to infect TV audiences as well. His specialty is taking the tired tropes and making them interesting again. His other most famous work is Invincible, a brilliant superhero story about a super-strong alien who lives among humans and defends the world. When your main credits are “zombies and superman”, but you’re still known for being fresh and exciting, that’s some serious skill.

Paul Azateca brings no less to the table. He’s provided art for some spandex heroes, but his distinctive style has been shown to suit the horror-scene in Graveyard of Empires and some adventures of Hellboy’s B.P.R.D. in 1946.

When these two say they’re making a horror comic book, any fans of either medium should pay attention.

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