A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Luke Skywalker saved the Rebel Alliance. And the Marvel Universe too. It’s hard to imagine that the mighty Marvel monolith was ever less than all-dominating, but when Star Wars redefined what cinema was capable of, it contributed to the near-collapse of comic books, and the comics empire was only saved by the same rag-tag group of heroes who destroyed the Galactic one.

This comic book auction includes issue #1 and #3-38, as well as a sealed 3 comic pack. The most interesting run for fans of the Force are issues #7-38, where the authors had to fill in their own adventures between the end of the first movie and the release of the second. The result is some spectacular secondary canon Star Wars insanity, with Han Solo fighting a King-Kong lookalike Chewbacca to the death, teaming up with who someone who appears to be Bucky O’ Hare, dozens of examples of people firing blasters at things and still acting surprised when that doesn’t work, and more light-sabers than you can shake another lightsaber at. (While making the “vwooom, vwoooom” noises with your mouth.)

Every panel in this comic book auction would be picked over by the Expanded Universe, analyzed and expanded into references, plot points, novels and entire story arcs. It’s amazing to think that Star Wars was once “just another story”, with monthly writers allowed to put a permanent imprint on early versions of the canon. It’s a treasure trove of secondary canon silliness, with some chunks saved and elevated to primary plot significance. Fans of Star Wars will find much to enjoy, or to sell, and you won’t need to wave your hands in front of anyone’s face to convince them to buy.

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