Comic books are all about imagination, and the science-fiction comics are where you go when the Silver Age seems too calmly reasonable. A synopsis of most issues sounds like someone having a seizure on Star Trek, but the results weren’t limited by budgets or continuity. Resulting in the printed equivalent of hallucinogenics.


This comic book collection offers 295 issues of insanity, a bulk of DC silver age braced with a chunk of bronze, a dusting of gold, the assistance of Marvel, and a wonderful collection of independent publishers whose only mission was to be noticed. And they succeeded.


Fans of established characters will find some Rip Hunter, Hawkman, the Blackhawks, and more, but the intent of these issues is to undo every established rule you ever imagined. Often with gorillas. Every cover is Mad Libs for Mad Scientists, an essay on unlimited potential, and an antidote to modern comics mired in so many multiple established universes they have to spend a story blowing them all up just to start doing the same things all over again. Enjoy the insanity now with this science fiction comic book auction.

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